Bulletproof Ballerina




    Enhance your body & your art with 30-minute cross-training workouts designed specifically for dancers.

    Private, Semi-Private, and Small Group Coaching sessions available in New York City or remotely via Zoom.

  • Bulletproof Ballerina training isn’t just about the physical strength that comes out of the experience.


    It’s about the mental transformation that occurs from gaining a confidence and understanding in your unique body.

    This is not your traditional way of training. This is not about copying or doing something because someone tells you to do it. This is about feeling your body and appreciating what it can do, learning how to optimize it from a place of understanding…not brute force.


    It’s a focused, intentional, undramatic way of working out where your ultimate success hinges on mastering your unique body - respecting where your limits are & then pushing past those limits without destroying your body in the process. And that self-built strength and confidence is something that transfers directly over to your dancing.

    Discover what your body can do. Stop copying…train differently.


    Private Sessions $80-$95 per

    Semi-Privates $60 per

    Small Group Sessions $45 per

    All sessions can be done in-person at a NYC location or via Zoom

    Break the rules & feel what it's like to be BULLETPROOF!

  • The Details

    Quality over Quantity

    Want a workout that gives you noticeable results but doesn't waste your time or destroy your body? You'll be in and out in 30 minutes with this signature Bulletproof Ballerina workout - just enough time to get intense results without unnecessary wear and tear on your body. Feel like a Prima as you are guided through each exercise using this secret technique. All you need is 2 sessions per week! Extend your career by protecting your body.

    Tailored to YOU!

    Every body is different and should be treated that way. That's why one-on-one attention is critical. You'll get a customized workout that fits your specific needs - whether you are rehabbing from an injury, prepping for the professional path, or looking for an edge in your career. We'll work towards your goals while promoting overall balance and strength. The specialized attention will help you develop an appreciation & healthy relationship with your body, leaving you feeling empowered and confident.

  • Want to Know If It Works?

    Check out what this dancer said after one session:

  • Questions?

    Don't be afraid to reach out. I want to help you get to your peak performance state.

  • Meet Your Trainer

    Guiding you through every step of the process.

    Tanya Trombly

    ACE Certified Personal Trainer /

    Professional Ballerina

    Intimidated by the gym? Don't let those muscle-men scare you...they're athletes, just like you. I'll make sure you feel just as comfortable in the weight room being a tiny, fierce ballerina!

    This is the training I've been doing twice a week for the past 10 years. Experience the exact workout that changed my life, and see where it takes you! I want to help you build a confident, fulfilled, fierce, unstoppable you!

    Read more about Tanya's story here.