Master Classes



    Bulletproof Ballerina Workout

    1-hour workout class (no equipment needed) including strength & conditioning exercises designed specifically for dancers along with mobility & flexibility techniques to reach peak performance.


    Peak Performance Talk

    Followed up with a short talk (about 30 minutes) discussing any of the topics below.


    What You Get

    Your dancers walk away with new physical & mental tools to help them build confidence in their bodies & art.

  • Master Classes

    Want to bring the patented Bulletproof Ballerina technique & mindset tools to your school or company?


    Get a one-hour Bulletproof Ballerina method workout class followed by a short Peak Performance Talk (about 30 minutes) discussing any of the topics below to help your dancers build confidence in their bodies & art:

    • Nutrition - How to fuel the body for peak performance while sculpting aesthetics 
    • Career Coaching - How to survive & thrive as a working artist
    • Managing Expectations - The positives and negatives of working as a full-time company dancers versus a freelancer
    • Dealing with Mental Demons - Tools for combating the negative voices that threaten do dull our shine and prevent us from reaching our peak performance state fully immersing ourselves in our art
    • Injury Prevention & Rehab - Fortifying the body against injuries in the first place and coping strategies for getting back on the stage post-injury
    • Appreciating Uniqueness - Letting go of perfectionism and copying what you think you're supposed to be like and embracing the unique story you have to tell through your art
    • Longevity in a Dance Career - Learning to take care of and work with your unique body versus fight against it 

    To discuss details & rates for your school or company, contact us below!