• The Key to Fat Loss: Diet

    Even though we've all been told to exercise more to "burn off" fat, the key to fat loss is eating right in the first place. While it is true that the more muscle you gain through exercise, the better chance you have of losing body fat, the majority of the results come from what you eat. And, it's not as simple (or as torturous!) as counting calories.

    The Method

    While there is no magic, one-size-fits-all diet, there are certain scientific rules and methods that lead to real results. Having this knowledge of what and how to eat is half the battle. The other half involves dealing with the mental demons holding you back from creating lasting changes to your body.

    Get Results

    Whether you want to just dip your toes in and get the knowledge to point you in the right direction...or if you are ready to jump into full transformation mode with a lifestyle overhaul, Bulletproof Ballerina has the tools for you to build your peak performance body.

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    How to Love Food & Still Get the Body You Want

  • Level 1: Fat Loss Game Plan

    If knowing is half the battle, this program arms you with some heavy duty tools. Reclaim the notion that food is fuel to sculpt your AESTHETICS, power your ATHLETICISM, and inspire your ARTISTRY.

    It's not a meal plan that tells you exactly what and how much to eat, but it gives you a nutrition blueprint to make educated choices for yourself through the Bulletproof Ballerina's tried-and-true method.

    ​​​​​​​It's not about getting "skinny." It's about getting healthy - eating in a way that nourishes your body for peak performance. This is your guide to:

    • FAT LOSS
    • & PLEASURE

    Level 2: Elite Coaching

    If knowledge is half the battle, what's the other half? Mindset. You can be skinny, at your goal weight, and still be utterly miserable if you don't address your mental demons. Even with all the right knowledge on how to get to your goal weight, your demons can sabotage you over and over again to prevent you from ever getting there.

    With this program, not only do you get the knowledge about what to eat, but you learn how to dig deeper to address the emotional issues holding you back from reaching your goals. This coaching is a more personalized approach, giving you one-on-one guidance to transform your life.

    Level 3: Total Transformation

    This package is perfect for getting your body in peak condition for a photoshoot, audition, or other important event. Not only do you get nutrition knowledge and mindset coaching, but you also get to address the final factor in fat loss - MUSCLE. With this 4-week program, you'll get a Bulletproof Ballerina Custom Fit home workout designed to meet the needs of your specific body and goals. Along with health and mindset coaching, you'll also get weekly check-ins via web access to help progress your workout and make sure you continue getting results.


    Let my step-by-step guide take all the mystery and intimidation out of the process of preparing for your next shoot. Feel confident, polished, & camera-ready...primed to get some fierce photos!


    *FAT LOSS GAME PLAN included