• Bulletproof Ballerina


    Bulletproof Ballerina cross-training & mindset techniques at your fingertips. 

    ***Online programs available in the privacy of your own home***

  • KICK-A$$



    A repeatable, hardcore, full-body, demon-demolishing workout designed to build strength & stamina.

    (27-minute workout video)


    - LEVEL 1 -

    As a dancer who needs complete control and enough power to make your technique look effortless, this is what your cross-training should look like.

    (8-week online program with 16 progressive workouts)


    This program is not about creating 6-pack abs or vanity muscles. It's about accessing a deep core stability that is the very foundation of every move you make as a dancer. Your technique starts right here in this central powerhouse of your body. This program uses your own body weight (no equipment necessary!) to take you from the beginning foundation through advanced core strength.

    (6-week program with 18 workouts)

  • What other BAD GIRL BALLERINAS are saying:

    "I just have to mention AGAIN how much I love the KICK-A$$ CIRCUIT!! It just fits exactly what I need (and 8 million others) right now- doable but challenging, available at any hour, me time that isn't long enough to run into you time, all taught by a strong beautiful woman who does it with you and says, 'Yes. You did this and you damn well should feel good about it!' If you have the desire to make any more- I will gleefully add them to my repertoire!!" ~ L.H.