Join this awesome group of dancers as we optimize our bodies for Peak Performance! Each class is 1 hour and consists of stretching, mobility work, and bodyweight exercises that enhance strength & coordination.


    This is not your typical fitness class. The focus of this class is to teach you how to coax the most out of your body...so you can feel confident in your dancing & in your life. Plus, you get introduced to the key mindset components that accompany all Bulletproof Ballerina training (and are absolutely essential for your success)!


    Current Schedule:

    Tuesday, Sept. 6 - 12pm (EST)

    Tuesday, Sept. 20 - 12pm (EST)


    3 Ways to Join:

    1) In-Person at a studio on NYC's Upper West Side ($20)

    2) Video access (7-day unlimited playback)

    3) Zoom from anywhere in the world! Sign up and pay through this link (7 pounds)


    **Guys, Girls, Non-Dancers are all welcome!


    Click the button below to reserve a spot or request a video!