• Key to Your Core

    An 18-workout online course targeting the central powerhouse of your body and your dancing!

    A common thread among the dancers I work with is that they lack strength in their core. This new Bulletproof Ballerina On Demand program has been developed to specifically address this issue. It's the blueprint for a 6-week program that uses your own body weight (no equipment necessary!) to take you from the beginning foundation through advanced core strength. The best part is that it only takes 10-15 minutes, three times per week!

    This program is not about creating 6-pack abs or vanity muscles (although that won't hurt), it's about accessing a deep core stability that is the very foundation of every move you make as a dancer. Your technique starts right here in this central powerhouse of your body. By knowing how to connect to, enhance, and fully utilize this core strength, your dancing will take on an entirely new quality. You'll feel in complete control of your most intricate details, yet you'll be freed to move with a delicate grace that can only come from being grounded to your core.