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    Tanya Trombly

    Ballet Career Coach / ACE Certified Personal Trainer / Professional Ballerina

    Your peak performance state requires the confidence to be vulnerable in your art and the strength to get the job done. These physical & mental tools are within your reach...and key to your fulfillment in your ballet career.

    Let me guide you through what it takes to find the power within your self to succeed. Experience the cross-training & coaching that changed my life and keeps me dancing at a professional level without sacrificing my body, time, or happiness. I want to help you build a confident, fulfilled, fierce, unstoppable you!


    Read more about Tanya's story here.

  • As Seen In:

    Building "Beauty from the inside Out" with Fitness, Nourishment, & Mindset Masterclass at Saks Fifth Avenue NYC ,  April 2023
    Read the Article!
    Read the Article!
    Read the Article!

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