Level Up in Your Dance Career with the Tools to Build Your

    Peak Performance Body & Mind


    Level Up in Your Dance Career!

    Make your body invincible.

    Feel it respond to your every whim.

    Fortify it against injury.

    Extend your career and the overall "life" of your body.

    Take your dancing to the next level.

    Build a confidence in yourSELF that is undeniable.

  • Bulletproof Ballerina:

    My Secret Weapon


    The Bulletproof Ballerina system comes from my own experience as a professional dancer. Despite the fact that I should be far past my prime by traditional standards, I discovered a trick to enhance my body and mind. It allows me to continue growing in my art, keeps me injury free, and has put an end to my self-destructive mindset.


    What is this secret weapon, you ask?


    Here's hint: It doesn't involve hours wasted in the studio everyday taking classes. About 30 minutes twice-a-week is all the time that is required to see and feel improvements. The secret ingredient to this warp zone in my ballet career:




    A ground-breaking, cohesive, solid, powerful strength that radiates from every inch of your body and allows your artistic ability to flow freely. And, it's not just physical strength but a strength in yourSELF that will allow you to overcome the mental demons holding you back.


  • The Bulletproof Ballerina Experience


    Cross-Training for Dancers at its Best

    The Method

    Through its specialty strength-training program designed to specifically address the rigorous physical demands of dancers, Bulletproof Ballerina becomes the lifeblood to your art. Using a super secret technique and a higher intensity workload than you are used to, these workouts get you powerful results with less time investment involved. In other words, you spend less time training to dance but train harder with each session, resulting in more freedom and ability to express your passion and your art when you do dance. Plus, you save your body from unnecessary wear and tear caused by overtraining, extending not only your career but the overall "life" of your body. It's the sweet spot between doing enough to get results but not so much as to break you down.


    Transform your Body and your Art

    Bulletproof Ballerina creates a strong, stable, cohesive body where your muscles, bones, joints, myofascial and connective tissues all work together as one integrated system. The result gives your dancing a unique look: a balance of strength and flexibility, power and grace, groundedness and fluidity, control and freedom. Experience what it feels like to dance from an invincible core that allows your body to move with ease, obeying your every whim. Gone are the myths of bulky muscles and inflexibility from lifting weights. You'll shape and tone your body, your very tool as an artist, in the most healthy way possible. With a variety of program options available from Personal Training, to online On Demand workouts, to Custom Fit programs, to Fat Loss coaching, Bulletproof Ballerina has what you need to level up.

    Fit for YOU

    Whether you are new to the playing field or have been in the game a long time, Bulletproof Ballerina gives you an edge. The seasoned professional needs a way to continue to build strength and technique while being extra cautious of preserving her body by allowing more recovery time (the older you get, the more important this becomes - it's science...sorry!). The young ingenue is hungry to get ahead in her career and desperately wants any advantage she can get to climb to the top over the competition. The student needs to feel confident in herself and her body when audition season rolls around so she can stand out in the crowd. Even if you never plan on making a career out of dancing, you want to feel the enjoyment of having control over your body while moving in ballet class and the confidence to express your artisty. Bulletproof Ballerina gets you to your next level...wherever that may be.



    Lifestyle Coaching to Find the Power in YourSELF

    Achieving your peak performance body isn't just about your physical enhancement. The seemingly invisible but very real aspect of your mental state is an essential factor, as well. This can determine whether your dancing comes across as just movement in the physical realm or as real art with the power to touch, connect, influence, and transform the world. With its emphasis on health and positive self-development, Bulletproof Ballerina enhances not just your physical body but your spirit and self-confidence as well, all of which are essential to your artistic development and your fulfillment as a beautiful, unique, worthy person. By fostering a Bad Girl Ballerina mentality, you'll slay the mental demons holding you back and reach a level of artistry and freedom you couldn't have dreamed of.

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  • Bulletproof Ballerina Blast

    A 45-minute dancer-specific cross-training class offered at studios, schools, colleges, companies, & summer programs across the country. In a field riddled with low self-esteem and self-destructive behaviors, this masterclass brings the focus back to health & self-confidence.


    This class not only offers the physical advantage of a workout designed to enhance strength and control but also encourages dancers to appreciate and work with their unique bodies to reach their full potential.


    If you are interested in bringing this masterclass to your dancers to give them an edge, contact me.

  • Meet Your Trainer

    Guiding you through every step of the process.

    Tanya Trombly

    ACE Certified Personal Trainer / Professional Ballerina

    Intimidated by the gym? Don't let those muscle-men scare you...they're athletes, just like you. I'll make sure you feel just as comfortable in the weight room being a tiny, fierce ballerina!

    This is the training I've been doing twice a week for the past 10 years. Experience the exact workout that changed my life, and see where it takes you! I want to help you build a confident, fulfilled, fierce, unstoppable you!


    Read more about Tanya's story here.

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